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You are about to enter into a dynamic public auction market space that offers a wide range of automotive and recreational vehicles that include Cars, Mini-Vans, SUV’s, Light Trucks, ATV’s, RV’s and Vintage Vehicles, through a well-established, family owned and operated public auction service.

During the COVID season we are now in, Michener Allen Auctioneering Ltd offers individuals a minimum contact auction purchase process when considering purchasing a vehicle at one of our auctions.

You are able to attend our locations and view the vehicles that are listed on our website. Once you arrive, one of our attendants will take you out to view the vehicles you are interest in and start them for you. All the vehicles we sell are either sold live via online simulcast auctions or by our timed auction format. Both of these venues are 100% online auctions. The combination of viewing online then viewing onsite and bidding online has become a popular option for many.

We have COVID distancing policies in effect at all our facilities with the capacity to serve up to five customers at a time in our general office area at any given time.

We also offer a number of City of Edmonton Unreserved TIMED auctions. For these venues you are able to view the offerings online and onsite prior to participating in the online bidding process.

We want you to be well-informed when purchasing a vehicle at one of our Public Auction facilities. Our Buyer are the same at all of our locations.

There are many kinds of sellers that remarket and sell their surplus vehicles at Michener Allen Auctions. Our consignor base includes numerous Government Agencies, Municipalities, Banks, Financial Institutions, Corporations, Automotive Dealers, Private Companies and Individuals.

The four main topics below cover items that are important to familiarize yourself with the process and your contract responsibilities. These explanations will assist you through the How to Buy process. Each topic selected will open a new page with detailed information included.

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The page covers the legal terms & conditions and what your financial responsibilities will be in the auction process.

The page covers the various Buyers Fees that are applicable on each item purchased for automobiles, recreational vehicles, collector-vintage vehicles and our new Unreserved TIMED Auction items on behalf of the City of Edmonton.

We conclude the buyer orientation with the page. This page is full of useful information that will assist you in becoming familiar with the auction process and how to prepare you for successful buying at the auction.

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